We are deeply experienced. We are dynamic. We are different. Listening to our customers is the most important thing we do. We listen, we hear, we share. Therein lies our strength.

Join in as we share unifying moments from our users.

You'll nod your head. Guaranteed.

On Participating in Surveys and Reviews

"How refreshing! You actually have fax numbers and emails that work! I don't normally participate in online surveys, but I felt compelled to tell you because of the difference from the Vendor's end."

On "WOW it WORKS!"

"I've been dealing with this for years and haven't had any other document handling/screening company or property management company process our required document in such a timely fashion. The other systems force me to fax paperwork to a centralized document center and many times the fax numbers we are directed to use do not work"

On Empathy and Understanding

"Emailing our paperwork is not offered (by Notivus competitors). The customer service group appears to be in a call center in a separate building from where the documents are faxed. The service groups can't offer answers to our questions about status of the documents without first reaching out to that document center and calling us back. They don't understand our business and it can take up to 2-3 days to receive a call-back. Our payment is taken up front, but their delays make it next to impossible to process our receivables. So frustrating."

On Proving Kermit Right… it's EZ Being Green!

"In keeping with our management company's signature mantra -that we be "environment friendly" - with Notivus there is Zero need to print or fax into a black hole anytime or anywhere. For our company's vendor records and documents alone, that's equivalent to saving at least 1/3rd of the Rainforest."

On Joy and Elation a.k.a. "Happy Dance"

"I love that we can select more than one category of services our company offers during Notivus' online registration, as we provide several. During that process on your website, I made an error entering information on insurance requirements and my registration got kicked back. I was shocked that within 2-3 hours your guy called me back, had a solution already in place and walked me through the site so I understood my error."

Listen to the Music of "2001 A Space Odyssey"

"In a million years that would never happen with the other companies."

I Promise. We Didn't Pay Her to Say That…

"Now...how can I get my other property management companies to make the switch to Notivus? The other two groups make my job way harder. I will tell every management company I work with to change to you… And I work with a lot!"

Today businesses operate in engaged communities where all parties work together to achieve mutual goals.

At Notivus we listen closely to our customers. The Notivus future is determined by listening to you!