Our Solutions

With state of the art technology and high touch customer service, Notivus offers solutions that drive better results and provide overall savings of money and time.

Compliance Services

Notivus captures, screens and monitors information critical for effective vendor compliance including:

Powerful Technology

Efficient vendor compliance demands that results are accurate and aggressive, while streamlining to your current operations. Our system is highly configurable to your needs, including customized block and approval actions, conditional forms and questions, and adaptable workflows, with your specific requirements in mind.

Rule Based Decisions: Each client is set up with a unique set of requirements that presents the information necessary to the correct parties. Results are received according to our client's operating procedures, allowing decisions from that information to be made in the appropriate manner.

Real-Time Status: Our state of the art information system gives your risk management team a clear picture of a potential vendor, providing the most current and up to date information available, and allowing your team to make a wise hiring decision.

Gain time, money and peace of mind with the powerful technology Notivus provides.