Our Markets

No other organization needs protection more than the multifamily industry and large corporations. By protecting yourself, your employees and your residents from potential damaging relationships, you reduce legal risk, better your reputation, and build loyalty. However, unlike other compliance solutions in the market, Notivus strives to maintain respectful vendor searches, therefore promoting an overwhelming feeling of cooperation between vendors and businesses, and creating lasting working relationships.

Multifamily Industry

The apartment industry is unique because unlike other industries, your customers live on your properties. With many vendors coming and going, property managers are responsible for providing peace of mind to their residents that only reputable vendors will be in or around their home.

Notivus allows property managers to reduce risks while decreasing administrative costs, by providing reliable, rapid vendor compliance. Our system configures to each property’s needs, and enhances relationships with vendors by making it easy to comply.

From small to big properties, Notivus is committed to helping clients understand their vendor pool, and maintain positive interaction between vendors, employees and residents.

Major Corporations

Large businesses have a distinctive set of challenges, as they frequently have numerous locations to manage, a large workforce, and may use outside labor to perform services in customer’s homes. These circumstances require technology that can manage contractors and vendors who work in these settings. Companies rely on Notivus to provide critical information on their outside vendors in order to safeguard their customers and their reputation.

Whether you are a multifamily client or a major corporation, Notivus can help you navigate crucial requirements and governing regulations for a more effective compliance program. Our years of experience will meet your compliance needs, and our solutions are customizable to your business rules, providing you the peace of mind that your company is partnering with credentialed and compliant vendors.