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David Cook

David Cook, President & CEO:

Entrepreneur, Executor, Pioneer

Keenly attentive, dynamic, determined and circumspect, David has 25 years concentrated success in building innovative businesses in the information services and credentialing markets. Dave's tenure at Equifax - which became Choicepoint - was dedicated to leading his company's strategy in the emerging credentialing and background screening market which grew into the dominant credential business to the Fortune 1000 with revenues approaching $200 million.

Grasping the knowledge that a post-9/11 American world would be vastly different, David helped pioneer a Medical Credentialing Business as the first of its kind focused on credentialing as a means to address Homeland Security risks. This course laser-focused the path of his career dedication. Under his direction and leadership, David's team created credentialing procedures and technology adopted by the US Department of Defense to ensure military personnel "readiness" prior to deployment to the Middle East. The deft technology and quick-to-mobilize procedures were rapidly adopted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and David, his team and his technology again rapidly responded to the needs of Homeland Security; this time as the emergency response service attending to the need of credentialing US Postal workers in the midst of the 2001 Anthrax Post Office scare. Notivus credentialing and compliance technology is the ever-evolving result of decades of knowledge learned serving this unique purpose.

David strategizes, builds effective management teams, deploys market strategies and delivers value to customers & investors.

Scott Greenough

Scott Greenough, Chief Operating Officer:

Tactician, Practical Innovator, Disciplined Thought Leader

"Decisive, deliberate and perceptive" define Scott's approach to business. His 25 year career has been devoted to program design and operational implementation in background screening, credentialing and compliance. His expertise served ChoicePoint and First Advantage by providing concise leadership in analyzing transformative potentials of employment screening programs and technology systems, revolutionizing them and seamlessly integrating them into client existing business platforms. His precision and project management was quickly employed to manage the US Government's credentialing project post-9/11 during creation of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) airport passenger-screening agency. His leadership in developing credentialing platforms for the Fortune 1000 and Multi-Family market have led to superior enhancements in industry screening product design, field requirements and customer integration.

Scott consistently maintains a fundamental belief that technology systems are enablers to business processes and not the ultimate solution provider. He grasps the power of enterprise technology and user-participation, and why it’s better to harness the ingenuity and uniqueness of customer communities than to specify complete cookie-cutter, top-down solutions. Scott is singularly focused on the nuances of each client's needs and wants, crafting solutions to help clients solve problems and create value through common effort.

Scott is responsible for developing Notivus strategies that foster ongoing innovation, product development, client administrative cost reduction and risk mitigation, changing the way industries conduct business.

Stephen Tinkle

Stephen Tinkle, Chief Technology Officer:

Technology Innovator, Systems Architect, Collaborative Infrastructure Engineer

Precise and methodical, Stephen's tactical approach of "managing to the exception" and developing technology platforms is guided by devoted clear and far-reaching thinking. 15 years of building systems that advance credentialing platforms and information systems at Choicepoint served him well. He is the first to be called when a new business idea strikes at Notivus.

His calm in business serves as a strong stabilizer in Notivus market evolution and emergence as we serve our industries with technology that can simplify, co-exist, visualize, integrate and empower. Stephen manifests adeptness at reshaping technology infrastructure to match and improve clients' business processes.

Stephen has lead the software and database development for a credentialing industry staple, the National Criminal File, and of crucial importance to Notivus' emergence in new markets, drives the system-to-system integrations with software partners and homegrown systems for the Fortune 1000. He is a dedicated steward of the technological innovation keeping Notivus technology fresh, intuitive, fluid and relevant.

Suzanne Lovelace

Suzanne Lovelace, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Finance:

Leader, Advisor, Woman-of-Action

Accomplished, resourceful and resolute, Suzanne's earnest fortitude propelled her career to apartment industry heights and recognition as an accomplished business leader. With 26 years' tenure in real estate dedicated to multifamily verticals, Suzanne's track record of professional successes led her to top national industry leadership roles - Chairman-Elect, Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the National Apartment Association where her service and commitment to the industry are clearly noted, and where her development oriented leadership survives in NAA's Leadership Lyceum.

Additional appointments to multifamily industry leadership roles over the course of her career including Treasurer of the National Apartment Association Education Foundation, President of the Triangle Apartment Association, executive board member of the Rental Housing Association of Boston, and board member of the Apartment Association of North Carolina and the Florida Apartment Association clearly demonstrate Suzanne's acumen for strategy, service and implementation.

Her senior roles with nationally recognized operators Sentinel Real Estate Corporation, Equity Residential and Kolter Communities paved the way for trail blazing in entrepreneurial ventures… serving as a key executive in the launch of RentBureau, RentWiki and the strategic growth of RealtyCom Partners, all businesses working in harmony with the multifamily industry to advance success.

Her history of employing comprehensive operational proficiencies, regulatory compliance and decisive strategic planning while curating powerful client relationships makes Suzanne a perfect complement to defining business development and multifamily strategies for the Notivus family.

Scott Lippman

Scott Lippman, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development:

Seasoned Executive Strategist, Chief Executive Officer, Mentor & Coach, Value Creator, Visionary, Board Member, Community Leader

Concrete thinker, engaged listener, energetic, and determined leader with proven success in a variety of industries, entrepreneurial activities, and community efforts. Uniquely talented at building trust and in taking organizations to higher levels of performance to optimize ownership/stakeholder value with an established track record of successful business exits.

Widely recognized for community leadership strengths at US Ski Camp, CASA and Atlanta Hospice, Scott joins Notivus as a shareholder in 2012 enveloping the talents honed in a 30-year career spanning engineering, medical sales, R&D, insurance and real estate.