About Us » Compliance Can Be Different

With over 25 years of experience transforming credentialing practices for the Fortune 1000, the healthcare industry and the United States Federal Government, Notivus was invited by leaders in the multifamily business to adapt its technology and expertise for the apartment industry. Offering unique vendor compliance solutions, Notivus has revolutionized how vendors and property managers build relationships and receives rave reviews from vendors and property managers.

What makes Notivus different? We take into consideration the needs of everyone in the compliance process. From the property manager to the vendor, our compliance is built on a foundation of reliability and respect.

Hiring reputable vendors to complete work with your business or on your multi-family property is essential to the success and reputation of your company. Unsatisfactory work, fraud and risk to your employees and residents are hazards that happen all too often when a comprehensive verification is not completed. With our vast experience and state of the art technology you can be confident Notivus will help protect your business, save you money and build trusting relationships.

Call us at (800) 761-2060 or email us at info@notivus.com to learn how Notivus can improve your business or multifamily community today.