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Notivus was built by a team of expert creators, innovators and believers who came together with the goal of developing best-in-class solutions in vendor credentialing and compliance. It didn’t happen overnight, rather over the last 25 years as the leaders of Notivus developed and deployed screening and compliance programs for a broad spectrum of clients including the healthcare industry, Fortune 1000 corporations, major retailers, financial institutions, non-profit organizations, and the United States Federal Government.

Demonstrating the team's passion for achieving its clients' objectives, post 9/11, Notivus leaders were called upon by the Federal Government to help secure the nation’s airports. Having been identified among a select few innovators meeting the rigorous requirements to rapidly deliver a comprehensive technology-based credentialing solution enabling the vetting of more than 100,000 passenger screening candidates, Notivus leaders accomplished the feat in just six short months, from solution development to credentialing candidates to agents donning uniforms and screening passengers.

Our management team is composed of industry leaders in vendor compliance who value providing superior service in the corporate and multifamily markets.